Our Story

As told by Phil:

About 5 years ago on a trip to the food store, we came across an asparagus special. In the past, we had pickled different vegetables and some jams and jellies.

We came home with about 10-12 bunches of asparagus because Phil suggested pickling it. We made our batches (regular and a spicy one) and then began serving them to friends for hors d’oeuvres and in bloody mary’s.

Our friends told us how good they were and Jeanne said, “You’ve had too much wine to drink!”

Then, we began serving at dinner parties and next thing we knew, our friends began requesting them when they came over.

Steppin’ Out Foods is Born!

Steppin’ Out Foods was born because we are doing a two-fold adventure in life that we’ve never done before. First, Jeanne is a shoe nut thus the “steppin’ out” follows along the shoe line. The second is that both of us are steppin’ out of our comfort zone, never having run a business before.

Steppin’ Out Foods features two varieties of asparagus, the first is a regular flavored kind called “Six Inch Spikes.” The second, the spicy variety is called “Red Hot Pumps.” Both, of course, have incorporated the shoe theme names.

Last year, my wife retired from teaching in the Kettle Moraine school district. I was semi-retired and being the creative person she is, she suggested we begin selling at farmer’s markets, etc. We began talking the idea through, and after contacting the Waukesha BID district that coordinates Waukesha Farmer’s Market, the health department, then the state of WI, etc. we were on the road to setting up our business.

A Partnership that Works!

After retiring from the day-to-day demands of the professional world, “we decided to pool our talents and work together because our skills really complement each other,” Phil said. “We’re doing everything out of Waukesha because all of our inspiration and support came from there!” Jeanne added.

We had great help and support from Waukesha BID district people, Meghan and John, Carroll University, Dan Becker and Lexie Bragg, WCTC, Russ Roberts, the UW-Extension system, Dr. Barb Ingham and the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection, Erin Nutter.

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