October 6th/Fall reflections

I just can’t imagine that the summer/fall farmer markets are drawing to an end. The markets may be winding down, but the colours of the trees are on overdrive.  So is my nesting instinct. I feel like a giant squirrel on steroids packing away pickled asparagus, dilly beans, pepper spread, peach and peach jalapeno jams.

Today we processed 12 -11 pound cases of asparagus. This translates into 47  large jars and 44 small. Thirty two and 16 ounces respectively There is no way that we could do this all by our little old lonesomes. Rachel and Elizabeth are back at college, but Georgie and Barb, the other dynamic sister duo, are there with us in our new kitchen. We are truly a well-oiled machine.

Our new kitchen is in the thriving metropolis of Dousman, population 2000 plus. A great location. Tons of positive karma. High energy artisans. In fact, Phil and I are  meeting tonight with Freeda, the mustard queen, as she is benevolently known (Toothsome Rue is her company). We are teaming up to make holiday gift packs.

Presently, 70% of our business is from markets and shows. Thirty percent from retailers, restaurants, and the Internet.  We really need to shore-up our Internet sales. Any ideas? Let us know.

That’s all for know. Blogs aren’t supposed  to be the M volume of the World book encyclopedia.


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